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Slip-On SmartWatch Leather Cuff





Product Description

Slip-On Smartwatch Leather Cuff for Apple Watch, Moto 360, Samsung Gear S2  LG Watch Urbane , Huawei Watch

For those looking to customize your smartwatches, make them unique to your style. We have our  “Slip-On Smartwatch Leather Cuffs.  You use your original watch strap, and feed it through the slots in the cuff. Currently, we offer 2 styles. One with a center circular cutout (for the heart-rate sensor on the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2, Huawei Watch, Moto 360 II, LG Watch R, LG Watch Urbane) and the rectangular cutout (for Samsung Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo). We will be designing more for future smartwatches.

See Video to see how it works:

Additional Information


Smooth Black, Smooth Burgundy, Smooth Medium Brown

Stitching Options

No Stitching, Black Stitching, White Stitching, Red Stitching

Cut-Out Option

Circle (Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2, LG Watch R), Small Rectangle (Samsung Gear 2 or @ Neo 2)


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